Storage Tips

The following handy storage tips are suggested:

  • Place items accessed more frequently at the front of your storage unit.

  • Perishable and flammable items like aerosols, batteries, gas and petrol should be removed from items that you wish to store. Gas canisters must be emptied.

  • All appliances should be dry and clean before you bring them for storage. To prevent mildew, leave the door of your fridge partially open.

  • Make sure to leave space between the walls and the items in the storage unit. It is important to ensure that there is proper ventilation in your unit.

  • To prevent damage, stack lighter boxes on top of heavy ones.

  • Keep in mind that plastic covers don’t allow any moisture to escape. Leave plastic covers partly open to prevent mildew from growing on your furniture. We recommend covering furniture with blankets.

  • It is advisable to cover any leather items with cushion craft or blankets. The cushion craft (bubble wrap covered with brown paper) will absorb the moisture.

  • To protect your table tops and chairs when stacking them, cover them with blankets.

  • To utilise the space available in your unit optimally, dismantle your furniture and electronic appliances. To ease re-assembly, simply wrap and label pieces individually.

  • Metal items should be treated with a rust protector to prevent any damage.

  • It is advised to notify your household insurer that you will be using our facilities for storage – this ensures that all items in storage are covered.

  • For security, we advise not to give your unit number, tag or any other information to anyone who is not listed as having access to your unit.

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Storage Tip #1

Place items accessed more frequently at the front of your storage unit.

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