At Valley Storage it is all about convenience, ease of use and security.

With our tailor-made services, you can:

  • Book the ideal sized unit for your specific needs online.
  • Download and fill in our Rental Agreement or complete all documents on-site.
  • Have your unit immediately available.
  • Buy boxes, packaging, wrapping and locks at our shop.
  • Get easy access to your units anytime during the day to add or remove goods.
  • Lock your unit with your own lock so only you have access to it.
  • Access the building between 07:00 and 18:00 with your electronic key-card. During the evenings, the building is locked down for enhanced security.
  • Simply give the mandatory 30 day notice if you no longer need your unit. No long-term rental contracts are required.
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Storage Tip #11

It is advised to notify your household insurer that you will be using our facilities for storage – this ensures that all items in storage are covered.

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